Club de Motoneige Les Lynx de Deux-Montagnes (681-12)

Buy on-line


To purchase online, you will need:

  • Equipment (computer, tablet or cellular phone) with access to the Internet*;
    • *Please note it is preferred to be in panoramic mode and not in portrait mode on your tablet or cell phone, in order to navigate through the platform for your on-line trail permit purchase.
  • A valid e-mail address;
  • How to create an email: Gmail or Outlook
  • Open up an existing profile or create a new one;
    • Please ensure that the profile is created in the name of the owner of the snowmobile, the trail permit is automatically issued under the name and address registered in your profile.
    • Make sure that your information is valid, up to date and complete (postal address, telephone, e-mail, etc.).
  • Information pertaining to your snowmobile, including the serial number as it appears on your proof of registration.

Accepted online payment methods :
  • VISA or prepaid VISA card
  • MasterCard or prepaid MasterCard card


Instructions :
  • Visit the FCMQ website at and click on the shopping cart “On-line trail permits“.
  • Read the information carefully and make sure you understand the mentioned conditions, then click on the button


  • Then, you will have to create a new account (if not already done). Make sure you enter a complete and valid address when creating your profile, otherwise you may not receive your trail permit. Remember that the profile must be created using the name of the owner of the snowmobile! Once done, you can continue with the purchase of your permit.
  • Once in your account, click on “+ Add a snowmobile” if it is not already defined. Have the snowmobile registration certificate on hand to avoid any transcription errors. Only register a snowmobile that belongs to you! The trail permit is automatically issued to the name and address entered in your profile.
  • Once your snowmobile is defined, you will be able to click on “Buy a trail permit“, and then, you will be taken to the club selection page.
    • ?It is very important to choose your club when making your purchase

  • You can select it on the map according to our location or enter the number by browsing the drop-down menus.


  • ??Depending on the information entered for your snowmobile, you can then choose the type of right of access you want, go to checkout, verify all the information, and pay the amount entered on the invoice.
  • ?You will receive by email your temporary trail permit which will be valid for 14 days, your Intact Insurance Third Party Liability insurance program, and your Insurance Policy Form. You will receive your official sticker by mail within a reasonable time. If you use your snowmobile before you receive your official sticker by mail, you MUST print a copy and attach it to your snowmobile. Also, keep a copy with you at all times.

Do not hesitate to view the YouTube video, which you can also find the link on the On-line trail permit web page.


Canada Post delivery delays vary between 2 and 5 days, added to the time required to process your demand.  These delays may be longer, particularly during periods of intense permit purchasing. Delays may extend beyond 2 or 3 weeks.
We invite you to not wait until the last minute before making your purchase so as to avoid longer delays.
*Make sure to have a valid and complete address while creating your profile, otherwise your trail permit may not be delivered.